Oily-Heavy Hair sebo-regulation non-irritant, non detergent shampoo.

Its washing base is non-lipid removing efficiently dirt and preventing hair to become greasy too quickly.
Rich soothing and anti-pruritus agents cleanse hair gently by offering to oily hair vitality and volume.

SKIN TYPE: Oily Hair – (sebo-regulation)


    • Oily, heavy hair
    • Dull, oily hair that sticks together
    • Irritated skin with itching
    • Lengthens the time until hair becomes oily again
    • Reduce oiliness
    • Regulate sebogeneration
    • Soothe irritated scalp
    • Relieve from pruritus
    • Offer vividness and volume to oily hair

Apply Anti-Oiliness Shampoo to wet hair and massage gently with fingertips. Leave the foam for a few minutes. Rinse off well.

Combination of sulfurous peptides, aminoacids and vitamins B3 & B5 & B6 against oiliness and sebogeneration

Moisturizing, soothing and antipruritus agents such as Allantoin and glycyrrhiza root extract

If you need a non-irritant, non-detergent shampoo for frequent use and your scalp is sensitive, you can choose one from this category. All shampoos are enriched with emollient agents that gently cleanse hair daily, while restoring volume and shine.

Their restructuring cosmetic properties make hair feel soft, smooth and easier to style all day after a single use.

Each one is suitable for a corresponding hair type and can alternatively be used with treatment shampoos

They are SLES & SLS free, terminology that means products free form Sodium-Laureth-Sulfate. In addition to Paraben free , they do not contain allergic perfumes or preservatives that cause allergic reactions while their cleansing bases act effectively without disturbing the protective hydrolipidic film or the hair natural PH.

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