Tar/ Sulfur Shampoo

RENEX- plus Shampoo is an effective product which targets the treatment of hair problems such as dandruff, seborrhea and pruritus. Its specially designed synthesis with Tar extract, sulfur and collagen provides healthy appearance reducing dandruff, seborrhea and pruritus, while leaving the hair shiny and manageable.

SKIN TYPE: hair with problems (dandruff, seborrhea, pruritus)

  • Oily, heavy hair
  • Dull, oily hair that sticks together
  • Irritated skin with itching
  • Dry dandruff, scalp dryness with exfoliation
  • Redness – Pruritus
  • Regulate sebogeneration
  • Soothe irritated scalp
  • Help reduce pruritus
  • Offer shine and volume to oily hair

Apply RENEX- plus Shampoo to wet hair and massage gently with fingertips. Leave the foam for a few minutes. Rinse off well. For best results use RENEX- plus Shampoo at least three times per week.

  • Willow Tar extract 10%
  • Sulfur
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Soapwort (Extract from Saponaria plant)

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