Ninolin Shampoo is the effective solution that treats the cradle cap of new born babies.
It is also suitable for children with scalp dryness thanks to its moisturizing action and cases of children oiliness thanks to its sebo-regulating properties.
For better results it is highly recommended the combined use with Ninolin Oil.

SKIN TYPES: Dry scalp, Baby – Adult\r\nAVAILABLE SIZE: Treatment Shampoo 125ml

    • For New born with cradle cap
    • Toddlers with scalp dryness
    • Kids oiliness with sebo-regulating action
    • Mild shampoo suitable for infants, babies, children and all the family
    • Cleanse by offering at the same time emollient & soothing properties that soften the cradle cap
    • Repair and retain the skin protective barrier of the scalp
    • Moisturize while it offer seboregulating action
    • Gentle antimicrobial action against hyperkeratosis and seborrhea
    • SLES & Parabens free

Apply FROIKA Ninolin Shampoo to baby scalp and body. Rinse after use. It leaves baby’s scalp relieved from cradles appearance.

For better results it is highly recommended the combined use with Ninolin Oil by applying it before shampooing with Ninolin Shampoo as to soften the cradle cap and to help its removal, during bathing.

Pure ingredients with maximum safety

    • Ω -fatty acids
    • Capryloyl Glycine
    • Botanical Extracts & Chamomile
    • Parabens free

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