Oral Rinse for Sensitive teeth

FROIPLAK SENSITIVE Mouthwash offers complete protection from dentinal hypersensitivity, along with tooth brushing since it reaches places a toothbrush cannot.
It has a pleasant flavor and offers fresh breath for a long time.
It does not contain alcohol.

AVAILABLE SIZE: 250 ml & 500ml

    • Dentinal Hypersensitivity
    • Relief from pain due to cold-hot, sour-sweet
    • Prevention from teeth sensitivity
    • Strengthening of enamel after dental therapies like scaling, whitening
    • Prevention of gingivitis due to the antibacterial action against microbial plaque

FROIPLAK SENSITIVE mouthwash can be used undiluted by using the measuring cap (until the mark line), twice daily after brushing the teeth.\r\n\r\nIt is recommended to be used in combination with Froident Sensitive Toothpaste.

Potassium Nitrate
Sodium Fluoride

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