With Calamine for Relief of Irritated Skin

It provides long-lasting hydration and offers immediate relief from itching and irritations that are related to problems of the skin like dryness, atopy, exzema, allergies, insect stings, mild sunburn. It is easily applied and absorbed immediately without leaving any trace of oiliness. It offers a pleasant feeling of freshness.
Recommended for adults, children and infants.

SKIN TYPE: Very Dry Skin
AVAILABLE SIZE: 50 & 150 ml

    • Itching by any cause
    • Irritation , Inflammations
    • Senile Pruritus
    • Dermatitis (Atopic, Allergic Contact)
    • Topical Itching treatment without the use of corticosteroids or antihistamines
    • Sunburn
    • Xerosis atopy
    • Insect bites – Jellyfish stings
    • Pediatric Itching due to\r\n
        • chicken pox rash (varicella)
        • napkin rash
    • Gynecology Itching due to late pregnancy (pregnant’s belly and breast)
    • Anti-Itching
    • Softening
    • Soothing
    • Moisturizing

Froicalm Cream can be used as often as needed. Recommended usage is every 3-4 hours.

Apply a sufficient quantity of cream on the affected area. Massage with the tip of your finger until completely absorbed.

Calamine, Glycine, Panthenoltheir combination offers a synergistic action against Itching and Inflammations.

Ω- 6 Fatty Acids, oat, Phytosterolsoffer skin protection and long – lasting hydration by preventing water evaporation

Climatic conditions, pollution and every day stress disrupt the skin’s cellular activity. It can no longer retain the water it needs for its natural balance; as a result, the skin becomes dehydrated causing dry surface skin lines to appear.

When these signs appear, you need moisturizing products that will help your dry skin to restore its hydrolipidic barrier and maintain its moisture balance.

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