Extra Mild Cleanser for adults, children, babies

It forms creamy foam without irritating skin that cannot tolerate common soap. Contains rich soothing agents that gently cleanse and care even the most sensitive baby skin leaving it supple and moisturized.

Non alkaline (pH 5,6-5), 100% soap free

SKIN TYPES: All Skin Types


    • Dry, dehydrated skin
    • Daily hygiene.
    • Skin with tendency to irritation
    • Cleanse mildly and effectively
    • Do not cause dryness or irritations
    • Retain the acid protective mantle of the skin
    • Smooth and care the skin
    • Non alkaline (pH 5,6-5), 100% soap free.
    • Do not contain antiseptic substances

For showering, shampooing and the skin’s sensitive areas:

On wet skin, apply a generous quantity of the product with a gentle motion, until it becomes foamy. Rinse with water.

Oat Extract soothing – softening – emollient properties
Superfatting agents dryness protection
Panthenol moisturizing & soothing action

Normal human skin is colonised by large numbers of microorganisms which consist the normal microbial flora of the skin. This microbial flora interacts with the human skin in sometimes beneficial and sometimes harmful ways. Between healthy skin and the derma flora is maintained a critical balance. The disturbance of this healthy balance caused by various factors (environmental, physiological, biochemical, mechanical or immunological) results in infections or damages to the skin.

Defencines, antimicrobial peptides

The stratum corneum is the first protective barrier of the skin against external microbial attacks. The second layer of protection is the innate immune system through the release of substances which providing a rapid, first-line chemical barrier to inhibit microbial growth. These substances are called defencines or antimicrobial peptides.

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