Extra Pure Shampoo for Baby’s Fragile Skin Hair – Eyes -Body

Baby Shampoo & Bath is a gentle liquid cleanser for baby daily use, with detoxifying and soothing action. It is perfectly suitable for its sensitive skin of body, eyes and hair.
After cleansing, the combination of vital polysaccharides with vitamins F & B5 and botanical extracts (Chamomile and oat), leaves a moisturizing, calming and detoxifying film that preserves the skin’s physiologic balance, offering a pleasant sense of comfort and happiness.
Recommended for newborns, babies, toddlers, kids and all the family.

SKIN TYPES: Baby Sensitive Skin
AVAILABLE SIZE: 200 ml & 400 ml

    • For baby’s hair and body
    • For dry and intolerant skin
    • Suitable for infants, babies, children and all the family
    • Gently cleanse without irritating the scalp and body by keeping the natural balance of children’s and babies’ skin
    • Create a moisturizing, dehydrating and soothing film after washing
    • Create a feeling of calmness, wellness and comfort after bathing
    • It leave the skin feeling velvety to the touch, with a sense of comfort and freshness.
    • With gentle, non-irritant cleansing agents
    • SLESS & Parabens free

Apply FROIKA Baby Shampoo & Bath to baby’s skin, body, hair and eyes for bathing. Rinse after use. It leaves baby’s skin velvet with a sense of comfort and freshness.

Pure ingredients with maximum safety\r\n

    • Almond glycerides lubricating factors
    • Chamomile and oat botanical extracts
    • Vitamins F & B5
    • Liquorice
    • Polysaccharides of marine origin
    • SLESS & Parabens free

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