Special Protection Cream for the sensitive Nappy Area

Baby Cream is a water proof barrier cream for the protection and repair of fragile baby skin in the diaper area. It creates a continuous waterproof, moisturizing and soothing film of zinc oxide, which isolates the skin from contact with irritations (urine, feces, diaper) protecting it from irritations and rashes.
The combination of prebiotic polysaccharides reinforces the physiological immune defense mechanisms of baby skin and restores balance to irritated skin giving a sense of comfort and happiness.
Baby Cream contains Ω-3, Ω-6 & Ω-9 essential fatty acids that restore and maintain baby’s skin protective barrier and leaves the skin feeling velvety with a sense of comfort and freshness.
Parabens and allergens free
SKIN TYPES: Baby Fragile Skin
AVAILABLE SIZE: 125 ml & 200 ml

    • For every diaper change
    • Protection from diaper rash
    • Suitable for infants, children and bed ridden patients
    • Can be used in combination with medication for severe erythema
    • Soothe, rebuilds, sanitizes
    • Offer relief from pain
    • Finely textured, easy to apply
    • Help eliminate the first stages of erythema
    • It leave the skin feeling velvety to the touch, with a sense of comfort and freshness.
    • Do not block the pores but leave the skin able to breathe
    • Allergens & Parabens free

Apply FROIKA Baby Cream to baby’s dry skin every time after bathing and massage gently. It is easily applied and absorbed, offering relief from diaper rash, leaving velvet skin with a sense of comfort and freshness.

    • Ω-3, Ω-6 & Ω-9 essential fatty acids
    • Vitamin E
    • Shea Butter
    • Zinc Oxide
    • Allantoin
    • Camomile Oil
    • Panthenol
    • a-Bisabolol
    • Pure ingredients with maximum safety
    • Paraben Free
    • Without Mineral Oil, lanolin

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