Whitening Day Cream for face and neckline

Specially formulated to respect sensitive skin and fight pigmentation problems. Reduces existing brown spots – freckles and protects their reappearance.
Offers UVB 15 with highest UVA (5*) sun protection, responsible for hyper pigmentation and photoageing signs (wrinkles, skin sagging).

SKIN TYPE: Dry skin

    • Pigmentary Spots (sun spots – ephelides – melasma – freckles)
    • Age Spots       (actinic keratosis – brown spots)
    • Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation
    • Pregnancy mask (“chloasma”)
    • Dyschromias, dull and dark skin
    • Signs of ageing (wrinkles – skin laxity)
    • Reduce existing spots (intensity & volume) and protect reappearance
    • Offer color uniformity
    • Offer sun – antioxidant protection throughout the year
    • Rejuvenate skin and enhance its density & cohesion
    • Moisturize, protect, preserve skin in natural condition

Apply Anti-Spot Face Cream on clean face and neck with special care to the areas affected (brown spots – freckles).

Recommended use before sun exposure and from1-3 times per day.

UVB SPF 15 – UVA ultra (5*) Sun photoprotection
Alpha- arbutin Discoloration substance, blocks production of melanin
Vitamin C Depigmentation, antioxidant action

Extra moisturizing – soothing – antioxidant components

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