Dry Dandruff, Hair loss specially formulated Shampoo help in eliminating persistent dry scales appearing on scalp while deeply cleanses the pores.
Dry Dandruff is characterized as a chronic disturbing condition closely associated with hair loss due to scalp’s malfunction.
Calms redness and skin irritation; relieves itching of dry scalp with persistent scales
Restores normal balance of the hair & skin’s comfort.

SKIN TYPE: Dry Dandruff, Hair Loss

    • Dry dandruff, scalp dryness with exfoliation
    • Hair loss due to the presence of dandruff
    • Redness – Pruritus.
    • Chronic exfoliation.
    • Remove scales and deeply cleanse the pores
    • Skin remain protected and its health restored
    • Act efficiently against  dysfunctions of  skin that contribute to hair loss

Apply Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to wet hair and massage gently with fingertips. Leave the foam for a few minutes. Rinse off well.

Combination of a new generation of anti-dandruff agents such as:\r\n

    • Piroctone Olamine & Climbazole that act against Malassezia Furfur yeast deterring creation of scales and itching.
    • Salicylic Acid with strong kerato-regulating and keratolytic action.

If you have stubborn dandruff with appearance of white or yellowish scales combined with itching problems, you urgently need an anti dandruff product.

Dry Dandruff is a chronic disturbing condition of dry scalp with persistent scales. This type of dandruff is usually associated with hair loss due to scalp’s malfunction.

On the other hand Oily Dandruff appears in the form of yellowish sticky scales with oily appearance. This type is associated with seborrhea.

By choosing the appropriate product for your case, you will have gradual elimination of dry patches with no signs of reappearance.

Both products have agents that contain a seboregulation and anti-itching action by calming skin irritations and restoring the health function of the scalp & hair.

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