Cleansing Refreshing MICELLAR Water & Make-up Remover for oily-prone skin

A next generation cleanser, in the form MICELLES, without surfactants that easily removes make-up from eyes (even waterproof) and face offering sebum – regulating and sanitizing action.

Based on the vegetables oil Babassu, except its easy removal function, it regulates oiliness leaving the skin feeling soft, matte, clean refreshed and without blemishes.

After cleansing, AC Water gives a feeling of pleasure, freshness and comfort.

SKIN TYPES: Oily – Acne- Prone Skin


    • Oily Acne – prone Skin
    • Blemish – prone Skin
    • Seboregulating, Keratoregulating Action
    • Antibacterial, Astringent, action
    • Whitening, Anti-black spots.
    • Soothing, Non- irritated properties

Apply AC Water every time you want to demake – up your face

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