Liquid Cleanser for oily & acneic skin with SALICYLIC ACID 2%

Specially formulated cleanser that deals with problems appearing in acneic skin.
Its deep cleansing action is helpful to remove dead skin cells and any impurities which clog the pores. It purifies without stripping the skin. Moderate slight Single Treatment and in cases such as “heavy, cystic, or acne rosacea” can be used in combination with pharmaceutical medication.
SKIN TYPES: Oily – Acneic Skin

    • Acneic skin blemishes (comedones, pustules, papules, nodules)
    • Enlarged pores – visible shine
    • Inflammations – Redness
    • Discolorations and lack of color uniformity
    • Intolerance due to acne
    • Dryness, Intolerance and irritations due to anti-acne pharmaceutical therapies (retinoids. Antibiotics per os)
    • Enhansing the effectiveness and tolerance od medication – Maintaining the balance after completion
    • Daily care and hygiene of oily and acneic skin.
    • Do not cause dryness or irritations due to its gentle cleansing base
    • Purifie without stringing the skin
    • Reduce black heads
    • Offer Antibacterial & Keratoregulating Action
    • Non alkaline, soap free.

Moisten the problem area (face- chest- back)

Apply a small amount of AC Sal Wash evenly over the entire area, avoiding the area around the eyes. Massage gently until rich foam is created. Rinse off with plenty of water.

Recommended as triple step treatment with:

Salicylic Acid that acts in 2 ways:

    • Keratolytic Action : helps to remove the dead cells that block the pores of the pilosebaceous ducts
    • Antimicrobial Action : restrains the development of microorganisms

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