FROIMED is the company responsible for the production and marketing of the brand FROIKA.
It was founded in 1951 and over the years it became a leader in the Greek Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Market.
Froika manufactures a wide range of dermatological, medical devices CE, disinfectants-antiseptics and dental products in accordance with international rules of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP-Good Manufacturing Practices).

Recently, FROIKA began the manufacture of Medical Devices, CE and disinfectants-antiseptics product as proof of the continuing effort of the company to improve and to offer customers products and services that meet high quality requirements.

The company gained ISO 13485 (Quality Management Systems – Quality Management Systems – Requirements for regulatory purposes) an internationally agreed standard that sets out requirements for the processes of quality management, providing the opportunity to ensure the best used construction practices. In addition, FROIKA acquired ISO 22716 which concerns the production, packaging, storage and distribution of cosmetic products.
FROIKA aims to expand awareness of the brand, engage with more countries and up until today it collaborates with 25 countries around the world. Therefore, the company has the ability to accommodate a wide range of documentation required by the legislation of each country to enter. We are always happy to make new colleagues from different countries, making a special effort to achieve it.



The company places great emphasis on research, design and quality for the creation and promotion of 220 dermocosmetics and 30
products for oral hygiene, always aiming at the production of very high standards.

The lines of dermocosmetics products cover:

  • Care & Hygiene of the skin
  • Anti-aging
  • Hair care
  • Sun protection

The line of dental care covers:

  • Gingivitis – Periodontitis
  • Stench
  • Dry mouth
  • Homeopathy

in formulas such as: creams, oils, ointments, lotions, emulsions, pharmaceutical shampoo, detergent liquid, mouthwashes, etc.

All products are hypoallergenic, suitable for even the most sensitive, reactive skin while characterized as a dermatological cosmetic products, i.e., products that combine the cosmetic pleasure with dermatological action. Recommended by Dermatologists,Pediatricians, Plastic surgeons and Dentists.



The dermocosmetics products FROIKA follow the following specifications::
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Simple, pure formulas without allergens
  • Strict selection of raw materials
  • Expiry date, batch Number
  • Assessment of the product by the department of Research & Development through In-Vitro and In-Vivo studies, in order to ensure the safety and efficacy of each product
for parameters such as: moisturizing, φωτοβιολογικές studies, the definition of the index of sun protection (SPF), non-comedogenic action, etc. HOME PROMOTION The department for the promotion of Froika consists of experienced and qualified staff:
    • Medical Information that will inform their doctors about the characteristics and qualities of products and supplying them with informative material, and samples.
    • Sellers are responsible for informing pharmacists and consultative selling products based on customer needs, reinforcing dynamic of the distribution network of the pharmacy in order to meet the requirements of doctors. The sales network in Greece includes:
      • The 15,000 doctors (1.800 dermatologists, 500 plastic surgeons, 200 αλλεργιολόγους, 3.500 pediatricians & 9.000 dentists)
      • The 3,000 Pharmacies and over 50 Φαρμακαπαθήκες
INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION The products of Froika have infiltrated successfully in international markets such as the Balkans, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, always aiming to spread to other countries.


Τα δερμοκαλλυντικά της Froika είναι γνωστά, δοκιμασμένα προϊόντα με 70ετή ιστορία. Η Froika πάντα προετοιμάζει τα προϊόντα της με τις αυστηρές αρχές που έχει θέσει από την αρχή και οι οποίες πάντα βελτιώνονται και ενημερώνονται σύμφωνα με τις τελευταίες τεχνολογικές εξελίξεις.

In accordance with these guiding principles, the Froika has installed the last of latest technology machinery, reinforced with the use of electronic detection in the control of production and scientific research, as well as precise positioning products through the pharmacy and the selected store selling cosmetics, ensuring that the demanding clientele benefit from greater security and protection in terms of quality and, in particular, the hypoallergenic action of the products.

Γι ‘αυτό για 70 χρόνια, οι γιατροί και οι δερματολόγοι εμπιστεύονται και συνιστούν τα προϊόντα της Froika.

The products Foika produced and tested scientifically with raw materials friendly to the skin, free from allergens and in accordance with the international Guidelines of Good Πασκευαστικής Practice ( GMP).


In FROIKA Dermocosmetics Medical Devices we are proud of our participation in the 1st GREEK CHINESE CONFERENCE on HEALTH, which was held at the Eugenides Foundation in Athens on 11-14 May 2017.

The incentive for the organization of the conference is to bridge the "ΙΠΠΟΚΡΑΤΙΚΗΣ & TRADITIONAL ΚΙΝΕΖΙΚΗΣ MEDICINE to Medical and Pharmaceutical Technologies".

The conference is held under the auspices of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and National Technical University of athens, which is further supported by the European Parliament Office in Greece and the University of Beijing.

We would like to thank all visitors who came to our place in the report and were informed of the news of our company.