Special Gel for Intense Xerostomia

It is an excellent created product, in gel form, that works very efficiently as Saliva Substitute to restore xerostomia by offering immediate relief to dry mouth symptoms created by any cause.
Its main component XYLITOL stimulates saliva excretion and increases saliva flow, enhancing thus natural defense mechanisms.
In addition HYALURONIC ACID of biotechnological origin possesses powerful hydrating, moisturizing action. It also enhances the mechanism of healing and regeneration of soft tissues contributing thus to the combat against mouth inflammations and gum irritations


    • Daily oral hygiene for people suffering from Xerostomia (dry mouth symptoms) caused from:
  • Advanced Age
    • Diseases like Sjogren’s syndrome and diabetes
    • Chemotherapy or radiation therapies
    • Hormonal disturbances or anxiety – stress.
    • Teeth protection from caries, gingivitis, gingival bleeding, periodontitis
    • Swelling, gum inflammation,
    • Aphthous ulcers
    • Oral malodor
    • Moisturization, lubrication, protection and relief of the oral cavity.
    • Treatment of gum inflammation and healing of inflammations and wounds.
    • Strengthening of enamel and depression of high caries activity.
    • Inhibition of dental plaque that is the main cause of periodontal diseases.
    • Regeneration of periodontal tissues.
    • Preservation of the microbial oral flora balance.

Apply 1-2 gr. XERODENT Gel on your tongue and throughout the entire mouth cavity whenever you feel your mouth dry. Use it as often as you like. Application of the product after every brushing and especially at night before going to bed is recommended.

For better results, combined used of XERODENT Toothpaste and Xerodent Mouthwash is recommended.

Xylitol Increases salivary flow & depress high caries activity
Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizes, regenerates & treats soft tissues and gum inflammation
Myrrh and SalviaExtract Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory activities

Xerostomia is featured by lack or reduction of salivary flow.\r\n\r\nIt can be caused due to:

    • advanced age,
    • diseases like Sjogren’s syndrome and diabetes,
    • anxiety or stress,
    • drugs (medications),
    • chemotherapy or radiation therapies
    • hormonal disturbances etc.

The symptoms of xerostomia can be: Difficulty in swallowing, chewing and speech, sense of dry mouth – burning, malodor, and wounds “cracks” on the mouth, tongue and lips. Further to the above mentioned implications, the lack of saliva deprives the oral cavity from a defensive mechanism against bacteria and fungus. As a result we have the accumulation of dental plaque and the appearance of caries, gingivitis or even periodonditis.

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