Whitening Cream Very High Photoprotection / Very Fair Phototypes

Froika SunCare Anti Spot Cream SPF 50+ provide Highest Photoprotection along with Whiteningaction. It is suitable for skins with brownish spots, freckles photoaged skin.
Also scars or after laser – peeling treatments need special protection for daily outdoor activites to cover the affected areas.
It is Paraben Free and recommended for allergic hyper – reactive to the sun skins.
Recommended to protect babies or young children from long sun exposition.
Avoid excessive sun exposure as it is harmful to your health
SKIN TYPES: Skin with brown spots- After Peeling-Laser Treatment

    • Sun spots, Age spots, Liver spots
    • Spots due to pregnancy (chloasma or pregnancy mask)
    • Very fair skin with Freckles – Melasma
    • Photoaged Skin
    • Scars- Burns
    • After Peeling or Laser Treatment Protection
    • Whitening action
    • Equal photoprotection in UVA/UVB
    • Protection from the immediate (sunburn) or long term (photoageing- risk of skin cancer) harmful effects of sun radiation.
    • Increase the natural defense mechanisms of cells against UV solar radiation and combats premature ageing.
    • Excellent cosmetic texture, colorless upon application, no greasy effect, no white traces
    • Offer in depth hydration of long duration
    • Photostable, water- sweat resistant.

Apply SunCare Anti Spot Cream SPF 50+ uniformly on the face or body, preferably 15-20 min prior to sun exposure. Re-apply after 2 hours of continuous exposure.

Repeated application is needed before and after swimming, rubbing and playing sports.

    • Photostable Filters
    • Alpha – Arbutin
    • Vitamin C stabilized
    • Paraben free

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