Moisturizing & Protection Emulsion with UREA 3%

Specialized creamy emulsion for the treatment of the dry dehydrated skin that is characterized by redness, roughness, stress sensation.
It helps dry skin restore its hydrolypidic barrier and maintain its moisture balance. Leaves skin smooth & soft.

Suitable for the treatment of children’s and infant’s atopic skin

It contains the hygroscopic substance UREA that represents natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of healthy skin.
Ιt does not contain perfume or coloring substances.
SKIN TYPE: Very Dry Skin


    • Children’s & infants atopic skin
    • Dryness, intense dryness, atopy
    • Pruritus
    • Erythema, roughness, sense of tension
    • Moisturize, soften and protect the skin, leaving it smooth and silky.
    • Alleviate redness and relieve pruritus
    • Do not disrupt the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis
    • Enhance the normal protective ability of the epidermis
    • Have a light, non-oily texture , easily and rapidly absorbed
    • Do not contain alcohol, irritants, dyes or perfume

Apply Froika U-3 as often as needed on dry and clean skin

Repeat whenever you feel your skin dehydrate.

UREA 3% Natural Moisturizing factors, Keratoregulatory Agents
Lactic Acid Emollient Agents,   Antipruritic Agents, Soothing
Allantoin, Glycerin Agents

They provide better skin protection and long-lasting hydration by preventing water evaporation.

UREA, one of the major hygroscopic substances that can be found dissolved in the strateum corneum, is a natural moisturizing factor of the skin (NMF).

Healthy Skin contains approximately 1% Urea. Diseases such as atopic dermatitis and dry-dehydrated skin are characterized by Urea deficiency in the strateum corneum.

Apart from its significance for skin hydration, UREA also possesses keratolytic and antipruritic properties. Therefore, it is particularly important in dermatologic treatments and cosmetics.

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