Protection of caries, dental microbial plaque, gums inflammation

FROIDENT FLUOR toothpaste acts against caries in addition to the protection of dental plaque and gums inflammation.
Due to its composition of Sodium Fluoride, Xylitol and Chlorhexidine it contains, it strengthens the enamel from mouth acids that are produced by dental microbial plaque germs protecting teeth from dental caries. Furthermore it restores the structural elements (Calcium, Phosphates) that are lost from enamel during the early stages of caries (demineralization).
In addition, it inhibits all the germs of the dental plaque and treats gingivitis due to its specialized action on plaque bacteria.

    • Daily oral hygiene
    • Protection against caries
    • Prevention of gingivitis due to the antibacterial action against microbial plaque
    • Oral malodor
    • Strengthen enamel and dentin
    • Depress the high caries activity
    • Inhibit the dental plaque, which is the main cause of the periodontal diseases
    • Preserve the balance of the microbial oral flora
    • Reduce gum inflammation
    • Reduce oral malodor (halitosis) and offer fresh breath for a long time

Use FROIFENT FLUOR at least twice a day for the regular brushing of your teeth and gums. Brush your teeth with small round moves (internal, external and mensal), especially around the area where teeth join the gums. Hold the toothpaste in a slightly vertical position. Every application should last at least 2-3 minutes.
Combined use with FROIPLAK FLUOR MOUTHWASH is recommended.

Sodium Fluoride

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