First teeth Protection from Caries - Alcohol Free

Froidendi Mouthwash is recommended, along with tooth brushing, for children’s daily oral care.
It offers complete protection from caries, since it reaches places a toothbrush cannot. It has a pleasant TUTTI-FRUTI “bubble gum” taste giving fresh breath.


    • Daily oral hygiene
    • Protection against caries
    • Prevention of Gingivitis due to anti-plaque action
    • Oral malodor cases
    • Strengthen enamel against mouth acids and therefore protect teeth against caries
    • Restore the structural elements (Calcium, Phosphates) that are lost from enamel during caries early stages. (remineralization)
    • Reduce the development of cavities (dental caries)
    • Reduce plaque formation
    • Increase salivary flow to aid in the repair of damaged tooth enamel
    • Alcohol Free

FROIDENDI MOUTHWASH can be used undiluted by using the measuring cap (until the mark line), once daily after brushing the teeth.
It is recommended to be used in combination with Froidendi Toothpaste.

Sodium Fluoride (115 ppm F)

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