pH 5,5 - 7 Excipient Galenic Cream useful for Dermatological preparations.

Dermosoft COLD is a hydrating, moisturizing cream for hydration, protection and regeneration of dehydrated, dry and irritated skin.
Offers deep and strong moisturization, while at the same time refreshes, calms and restores skin’s natural balance. Provides immediate relief and helps regenerate irritated skin from the sun, cold, dryness inflammations, mild burns, shaving depilation

SKIN TYPE: Very Dry Skin

    • Permanent or occasional dryness
    • Dryness due to climatic conditions (cold, dry air, pollution, air conditioning)
    • Dryness or irritation due to genetic predisposition , tiredness, stress medication, contact with cleaning products , detergents or abrasive substances
    • Inflammation, redness, mild burns, sunburn
    • Irritation due to shaving or hair removal
    • Atopic dryness
    • Offer immediate, powerful, long lasting and deep hydration
    • Protection against dryness
    • Enhance the skin’s natural defenses and barriers
    • Restore the balance of lipids and of the stratum corneum
    • Offer long lasting smoothness leaving the skin soft and silky
    • Refresh, relieve and soothe
    • Restore the natural balance of the skin’s hydrolipidic layer
    • Have a rich, non-greasy texture and is quickly and easily absorbed

Apply Dermosoft Cold Cream twice a day, on clean skin, on the face or body with gentle massaging motion. Can be applied more intensively on problem areas.

Biomimetic composition of the hydrolipidic phase (phytosqualen,tricaprylin, phytosteroles, glycerine, hyaluronic acid) Excellent skin compatibility and toleranceRestoration of hydrolipidic filmAcceleration of active transfer into the skin
Shea butterBeeswax Restoration of the skin’s barrier functionNutritive, moisturizing function
 Vitamin E Restoration of the skin’s intercellular consistencyAntioxidant action, protection of cellular membranes
Panthenol – Vitamin B5   Regenerative, soothing action
Bisabolol Anti-inflammatory

Climatic conditions, pollution and every day stress disrupt the skin’s cellular activity. It can no longer retain the water it needs for its natural balance; as a result, the skin becomes dehydrated causing dry surface skin lines to appear.

When these signs appear, you need moisturizing products that will help your dry skin to restore its hydrolipidic barrier and maintain its moisture balance.

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