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The importance of proper cleaning and cleansing of the face and eyes.

The cleaning and cleansing of the face has evolved over the years, from simple rubbing of the skin in a relaxation exercise and to improve the health and appearance. The soaps were the main cleansing agent, have now undergone radical changes with a plethora of newer components to be embedded in them.

Hygiene is the practice of maintaining one's self, but also the environment clean in order to avoid diseases or infections. Therefore, the hygiene of the skin and eyes includes both the cleaning and the care of their health. In the modern era, the cleaning has been exceeded with a simple need for removal of pollutants and has established its position as a ritual of relaxation and as a way to improve the appearance and health of the skin. It is important, however, to maintain the delicate balance between cleansing of the face and eyes, and the maintenance of ομοιόστασής them.

Why is eventually necessary to clean the face?

Facial cleansing and make-up, it is important to form part of the daily care of the skin to allow the skin to breathe, hydrated and protected from irritation. More specifically, the benefits of cleaning is the following:

• Removal of the fierce makeup and harmful pollutants from the surface of the skin leading to irritation or contribute to the premature aging of the skin.

• Protect and strengthen the skin barrier.

• Reduce the risk of blackheads and other types of spots due to overproduction and caging of sebum in the pores.

• Promote cell renewal by removing dead cells.

• Stimulation of the microcirculation of the skin due to lymphatic massage during cleaning.

When it is considered harmful cleaning;

In accordance with long-term dermatological research and studies, the cleaning with products containing harsh surfactants can lead to reverse effects of the wishlist for the health and appearance of the skin. Harsh surfactants, such as simple bar of soap, have the ability to destroy the structure of the proteins and lipids of the stratum corneum, but also to remove the water-soluble amino acids, which are natural moisturizing factors, ΝΜFs,of the skin.

In addition, the alkaline pH of harsh surfactants can lead to swelling of keratinocytes which allows you to enter the cleaning products in the deeper layers of the skin causing potentially biochemical reactions such as irritation or discomfort. In conclusion, if they are not careful selection of the appropriate product for your daily routine cleansing and cleaning of the face, it is likely that the skin to wither away, to be dehydrated, lose elasticity and acquire dull appearance with irritation and redness.

O cleaning of the eyes.

The eyes and the area around them in need of special attention, both as to the frequency and the products of cleaning, as well as the mechanics of this. It is a fact that during the day the eyes are exposed to a plethora of microorganisms and dust particles which may prove to be harmful for them and for contact lens users and daily, intense makeup the chances of negative effects in the region of the eyes is remarkably higher.

With respect to the important role and the sensitivity of the eye, it is necessary, mild cleaning in order to remove the harmful pollutants and to avoid the penetration of pigment makeup in the cornea of the eye.The careful selection of products for use in the eye area is of particular importance as these will need to be ophthalmologically tested so as not to cause allergic reactions.The mechanics of the purification also plays an important role in not develop excessive friction which can lead to injury and destruction of the eyelashes. The lashes it is important to stay hydrated and empowered in the process of cleaning and not be worn out and stressed.

New technologies of cleaning the face and eyes.

Now the technology of cleaning the face and eyes has evolved rapidly, and one can come across cleaners so in the form of gel or cream and in the form of cleaning βαλσάμων or biphasic water purification with micelles. As regards the last, this is for products which consist of two phases, oil and water with micelles capable to entrap and remove environmental pollutants from the skin's surface. After mixing of the two phases, the fatty elements διαλυτοποιούν makeup and hydrate the skin, while the active aqueous detergent base in the form of micelles, effectively remove the residue and dirt from the face, without the need for rinsing.

In cleaning products, in addition to the surfactants, it is possible to add active ingredients that will take care targeted the health and appearance of the person making the daily routine of cleaning routine redress, rejuvenation and treatment.In the category of active ingredients can be effectively incorporated in a two-phase water purification belongs to the Hyaluronic Acid, which creates a residual moisturizing film after cleaning, Panthenol, which strengthens the lashes and natural oils and extracts, such as Argan Oil, Chamomile Oil and Cucumber Extract which soothe and nourish the skin in depth of the skin, delaying signs of aging and protecting from irritation while offering a feeling of freshness and invigoration.

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