Local whitening Gel

Discoloration Gel of skin spots.

Whitening gel applied locally on the spots appeared on face, hands and body due to age, sun exposure, pregnancy or oral contraceptives use. Reduces existing spots and protects their reappearance. It offers chromatic uniformity.

Maximize spot lightening effect in depigmentation process.

Extra protection with Suncare SPF 50 is recommended

SKIN TYPE: Dry skin


    • Sun Spots, Liver Spots, Melasma, Freckles
    • Age Spots   (actinic keratosis – brown spots)
    • Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation
    • Pregnancy Spots (chloasma – pregnancy mask)
    • Discolorations, dim and dark skin
    • Ageing signs, wrinkles, sagging skin
    • Reduce existing spots (intensity & volume) and protect reappearance
    • Offer chromatic uniformity
    • Offer sun – antioxidant protection throughout the year
    • Rejuvenate skin & increase consistency
    • Moisturize, protect, preserve skin in natural condition

Apply Anti-Spot AHA Gel on clean skin and over the black spots or any discoloration area.

For better results, recommended with:

    • Anti-Spot Face Cream on entire affected area
    • Anti Spot AHA Gel locally on each black spot

Can be used 1-3 times a day or at night.

a – Hydroxy Acids Maximize spot whitening effect
Alpha- arbutin Discoloration substance, blocks production of melanin
Vitamin C Depigmentation, antioxidant action, cell activation

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