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FROIMED is the manufacturing and trading company of FROIKA brand.
It was established in 1951 and over the years has become a leader in the Greek Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical Market.
It manufactures a wide range of dermatological, antiseptic,disinfectants and dental products in accordance with GMP international rules (Good Manufacturing Practices).


Major emphasis is placed on research, planning & design, quality control for the creation & launch of 220 DERMOCOSMETICS and 30 ORAL CARE high standard products.

The DermoCosmetical range covers:
• Skin Care & Hygiene
• Anti-Ageing
• Hair Treatment
• Sun Protection

The Oral Care range covers:
• Gingivitis – Periodontitis
• Oral Malodor
• Xerostomia
• Homeopathy
in formulas such as: creams, oils, ointments, gels, lotions, milks, medical shampoos, detergent liquids, mouth washes etc.

All products are hypoallergenic, for sensitive-dry-normal skin, characterized as Dermatological Specialties and Cosmetics for Therapeutic Purposes. They are prescribed by Dermatologists, Allergiologists, Pediatricians, Plastic Surgeons.

products meet the following standards:
• Hypoallergenic
• Simple, Pure formulas without allergic additives
• Strict ingredient selection
• Expiration date, Lot number
• R & D Department evaluation In-Vitro and In-Vivo studies in order to evaluate the safety and efficacy of each product in the following sectors: moisturization, measurements, photobiological studies, sun protection factor determination – SPF-, non-comedogenic properties

Froika’s Promotion team consists of qualified and experienced: Medical Advisor Personnel provide doctors with samples and brochures to familiarize themselves with the product characteristics (prescriptions) Sales Personnel reinforce the distribution channel to meet doctor’s prescription demand.

Sales force segment in Greece includes:
• 15.000 Doctors (e.g. 1,800 Dermatologists. 500 Plastic surgeons, 200 Allergists, 3.500 pediatricians and 9,000 dentists)
• 3.000 Pharmacies and over 50 Pharmacists-Wholesalers

Froika is focusing on international markets such as Balkans, Eastern Europe-Asia for the growth and expansion of its export business.



Froika’s dermocosmetics are well known, tried and tested products with a 60-year history. Froika always prepares its products with the strict principles which it set itself from the very beginning, and which are always being improved and updated in line with the latest technological advances.

In accordance with these guiding principles, Froika has installed the latest state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, reinforced by the use of electronic probing during production control and scientific research, as well as precise and accurate product placement through pharmacies and selected cosmetic retailers, ensuring that its demanding clientele benefits from greater safety and protection with regard to quality and particularly to the hypoallergenic action of it products.

This is why for 60 years, doctors and dermatologists trust and recommend Froika’s products.

Foika products are produced and scientifically tested with skin friendly raw materials, free of allergens and in line with international G.M.P. Good Manufacturing Practice directives.