Protect yourself from Sun Explosure

Protect yourself from Sun Explosure

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Protect yourself from Sun Explosure

Sun is essential for life. It is scientifically approved that sun radiation is very helpful for our health, as it activates vitamin D production that regulates the calcium absorption. Sunlight also increases serotonin levels in our body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, contributor to the feeling of well- being and happiness.

However, sun radiation is a significant risk factor for skin health, especially during the summer. Sun emits over a wide spectrum of wavelengths: visible light, infrared radiation that we feel as heat and ultraviolet radiation that we can’t see or feel. UV radiation is classified into three types- UVA, UVB & UVC. UVC radiation cannot even reach the earth surface. UVB radiation is absorbed in the epidermis and can cause short term effects on skin such as sunburn, immunosupression and direct DNA damage.

UVA radiation is absorbed in the dermis and has long term effects on the skin such as epidermal thickening, pigmentary disorders, brown spots, photoaging and skin cancer.

The photoaged skin is dry and rough, with wrinkles and poor elasticity. As a natural defense against UV radiation, our body increases the production of melanin, a pigment that acts as a photoprotectant, absorbing UV radiation and converting it to heat. Unfortunately, melanin photoprotection is not enough, therefore, the use of sunscreen is essential during the whole year and not only at summer.

Froika has produced in its Recearch & Development Department a wide range of sunscreens, based on equal photoprotection in UVA & UVB radiation that  gained a 5* evaluation  and can meet the skin’s needs even of the most demanding consumers. To choose the right sunscreen, you have to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Skin phototype, that depends on the reaction of the epidermis in sun exposure and is directly related with the skin & hair color
  • Spot presence
  • Time and frequency of exposure
  • Medication that can cause photosensitivity

Sun protection factor (SPF) measures  sunscreen protection UVB radiation which is responsible for sunburn and direct DNA damage. SPF does not measure the protection of UVA rays.  Therefore, you have to pay attention to the protection from UVA rays the sunscreen offers, due to the negative effects of UVA radiation, such as photoaging, premature aging & skin cancer. As defined by law, the ratio of UVA:UVB protection factors should be 1:3 at a minimum. FROIKA achieved to produce sunscreens that give equal UVA:UVB protection, offering a wide- spectrum defense against UV radiation. Equal UVA:UVB photoprotection (5* ULTRA) is referred on the packaging as: uva-ultra

Normal skin

Choose a sunscreen with light texture that maintains the moisture balance of your skin. You can try:

  • SUNCARE CREAM (SPF 30, 50+)

Oily, acne- prone skin

Choose a sunscreen with light texture and matte effect that absorbs the excess sebum, regulating sebum production. You can try:

Dry skin

Dry skin needs intense moisturizing, especially when you are exposed to sunlight. Choose a sunscreen that combines high sun protection with deep moisturizing effect to restore skin comfort. You can try:

  • SUNCARE CREAM (SPF 50+, 30)
  • SUNCARE MILK (SPF 50+, 30)

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is thin, light in color and often tends to be irritated by environmental weather changes. It easily reacts with sunlight, cold, wind & inappropriate hygiene and care products. Choose a sunscreen enriched with soothing ingredients. You can try:

  • SUNCARE CREAM (SPF 30, 50+)
  • SUNCARE MILK (SPF 50+, 30)

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