SLES & SLS free - Paraben free


For frequent use or treatment of delicate scalp Allergen free Perfumes

FROIKA’s new shampoo line is formulated according to the newest scientific data of cleansing bases that act effectively without disturbing the protective hydrolipidic film or the hair natural PH. They are SLES & SLS free (Sodium-Laureth-Sulfate) & Paraben free as they do not contain allergic perfumes or preservatives that cause allergic reactions. Enriched with emollient agents, restore skin’s comfort and normal balance of hair, leaving it soft & easy to style by giving added volume & shine. Their combination of medicinal extracts and bioactive molecules fully covers the daily hygienic needs giving out restructuring cosmetic properties as well as eliminates problems such as:
• dryness
• fragility
• oiliness, irritations
• exfoliation, dandruff
• hair loss and seborrhoeic dermatitis