Prevention formation of stretch marks.

This hypoallergenic, clinically tested cream gives to the skin the moisture and lubrication needed as to become smooth and elastic in order to be protected from cracking and formation of pregnancy lines appearing all around the belly extending up to the back, the breasts and even the buttocks.
The most sensitive period is the 3rd up to 5th month of pregnancy. Recommended to be used for 3-5 months after delivery thus to have the most desirable results.
It has regenerative properties to get rid of new formed or old stretch marks.
In addition, it works preventively to sudden change of weights.

SKIN TYPES: Pregnancy Stretch Marks

    • Prevent the skin from cracking and formation of stretch marks
    • during pregnancy period or during weight changes
    • Protect the abdomen and breast from the formation of undesirable cracking and pregnancy lines.
    • Prevent the formation of stretch marks by sudden changes of weights
    • Effectively moisturize.
    • Get rid of new and old stretch marks.
    • Moderate inflammation so that the immune system does not destroy tissues when it reacts to overstretching as if it were a thread to the integrity of the whole body.
    • Inhibit the release of the irritants that cause the onset of stretch marks in the dermis.
    • Regenerative properties

Start using ZETASIN CREAM after the 3rd month of pregnancy.

Massage until it is completely absorbed on belly, breast or any other part of the body you notice formation of pregnancy lines. The cream is completely absorbed without leaving oiliness, while making the epidermis soft and smooth.

Continue the usage after delivery for 3-5 months to keep your skin in good and normal condition.Recommended to be used two times a day, morning-night, for the above mentioned period

Phytosterols, Urea, Sodium lactate.

AQUADERM Moisture & lubrication needed
AVOCADINE Moisture & lubrication needed

Why Stretch Marks occur?

The deeper layer of the skin called the dermis is composed of elastic fibers called elastin as well as collagen. Whenever, there is a rapid change in skin stretch, as in pregnancy, the elastic fibers in this deeper layer can’t cope up with the rapid change. This results in the damage of the underlying connective tissue, which appears as stretch marks.

Where they can appear?

They can appear at all areas here the skin is undergoing rapid changes. In pregnancy, they appear all around the belly extending up to the back, the breasts and even the buttocks.

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