Against Gingivitis, Periodontitis

FROIPLAK Mouthwash is an excellent antiseptic mouthwash that offers protection of dental plaque with rapid action for every day hygiene.

    • Every day Hygiene, Prevention of Dental Plaque formation
    • Gingivitis, Periodontitis
    • Mouth Ulcers
    • Dental Treatments
    • Dental Surgeries
    • Inhibit the formation of dental plaque which is the main cause of periodontal diseases
    • Preserve the balance of the microbial oral flora
    • Depress high caries activity
    • Control the bacterial population after oral surgery
    • Reduce gums inflammation

FROIPLAK mouthwash can be used undiluted or diluted as per below recommendation:

A. Undiluted for 15 days, 2-3 times daily in Dental Treatments
Add 20 ml in the measuring cap (until the mark line)
B.  Diluted 30%
 Add 10 ml in the measuring cap (until the inner ring) and fill to the top of the cap with water. Rinse your mouth for 30 sec after tooth brushing, 2-3 times daily or more, according to your dentist‘s directions.
Chlorhexidine  0.1 %
Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride  0,03%

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