FROIKA Neutra Solution is a special solution neutralizer for the ending of Peelings. It neutralizes glycolic acid and restrains unwanted prolonged action due to excessive acid on the skin.

    • Burning sensation during peeling process
    • Neutralize glycolic acid action
    • Stop burning sensation

The Peeiling ending takes place by spraying with FROIKA Neutra Solution.
Make sure that the eyes and the lips of the patient are tightly closed. The creation of effervescent foam, that is caused by the emission of carbon dioxide, proves the neutralization of glycolic acid. The spraying ends when no more foam is created. Then the patient must wash his/her face with plenty of water, for 2 -3 minutes, until the burning sensation stops.


    • When the neutralizer Neutra Solution Froika comes in contact with the patient’s skin for the first time, it is possible that it may cause a momentary increase of this discomfort, which is immediately reduced within a few seconds.

Sodium Bicarbonate

The skin cells have a certain life cycle. They start from the deep skin stratum corneum level and they go up to the upper levels of corneum, ending as dead cells on the surface of the skin. As we grow up, this whole procedure slows down and there is a need of pharmaceutical aid aiming to create skin renewal.

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