AHA – Peel 70

FROIKA AHA-PEEL Solutions is a Chemical Peeling process that can only be used by specialists (Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons etc.). Thanks to their keratolytic properties, AHA Peels induce a controllable dermabrasion that activates cell renewal by removing the superficial layer of the skin.

The skin becomes healthy, bright and resistant. They are very effective without causing side effects compared to chemical peeling agents used in the past.

It is recommended skin preparation before application of FROIKA AHA Peels with FROIKA Hyaluronic AHA-8 or Froika Hyaluronic AHA-14 Creams.

Immediate effect for:

    • Fine lines & wrinkles
    • Scars due to Acne
    • Oily skin with enlarged pores
    • Tired, mat, dull skin.
    • Discoloration problems by improving the evenness of the skin’s color.
    • Gentle, non-irritating and effective result of skin treatment
    • Healthy, bright and resistant skin

The treatment should to be based on a process of gradual application of the solutions but the choice of the proper AHA-Peel is up to the doctor’s choice who will take into account the type & condition of the skin, and the patients’ expectations.

The process must start from AHA-PEEL 30 and progressively reaches to AHA PEEL 70. As the therapy is progressed the skin gradually becomes:
Smooth, bright, healthy in appearance, more compact and resistant
It is recommended that FROIKA AHA Peels are used in combination with FROIKA Hyaluronic AHA-8 and Froika Hyaluronic AHA-14 Creams Creams for the preparation of the sin before AHA application of:

    • Fine lines & wrinkles
    • Scars due to Acne
    • Oily skin with enlarged pores
    • Tired, mat, dull skin
    1. Clean skin before peeling with a mild cleansing product. Then use alcohol or ether to thoroughly clean face.
    1. Use Vaseline to cover sensitive parts of face as lips etc…
    1. Apply carefully Froika AHA Peel symmetrically with a small piece of cotton by using a rubber glove. For each peeling 2ml is needed approximately. Use extreme caution near the eyes, nose and lips area.
 AHA-Peel 30  30% glycolic acid, partially neutralized  3,4
 AHA-Peel 50 50% glycolic acid, partially neutralized  2,6
 AHA-Peel 30 FORTE 30% glycolic acid, non neutralized  1,5
 AHA-Peel 50 FORTE 50% glycolic acid, non neutralized 1
 AHA-Peel 70 70% glycolic acid, non neutralized  0,6

The solution’s pH is the guide of its effectiveness. The lower the pH level is, the more caustic is the solution.

The skin cells have a certain life cycle. They start from the deep skin stratum corneum level and they go up to the upper levels of corneum, ending as dead cells on the surface of the skin. As we grow up, this whole procedure slows down and there is a need of pharmaceutical aid aiming to create skin renewal.

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