Σε ποια προϊόντα πρέπει να επενδύσω ανάλογα με την ηλικία μου;

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Σε ποια προϊόντα πρέπει να επενδύσω ανάλογα με την ηλικία μου; Η απάντηση εξαρτάται καθαρά από τις ανάγκες τις επιδερμίδας μας και το στάδιο της ζωής μας. Η χρήση serum και ορών είναι αδιαμφισβήτητα ένα από τα προϊόντα που δε πρέπει να λείπει από το kit σας ειδικά αν είστε άνω των 30. Ας δούμε όμως πιο συγκεκριμένα. Αν είστε μεταξύ 35/40 και άνω: 1. Premium οροί και serum υψηλής καθαρότητας με φαρμακευτικές ιδιότητες.Φροντίστε να επενδύσετε σωστά τα χρήματά σας σε προϊόντα τα οποία θα είναι ιδανικά για το τύπο επιδερμίδας σας και κατάλληλα για τις ανάγκες της.Ένα καλό serum…

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Τα 8 συστατικά που πρέπει να αναζητάμε στα προϊόντα περιποίησης της επιδερμίδας μας.

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Σίγουρα έχεις διαπιστώσει ότι τα περισσότερα προϊόντα περιποίησης της επιδερμίδας μας περιέχουν μια ατελείωτη λίστα από συστατικά τα οποία είναι τις περισσότερες φορές, δύσκολο ακόμα και να προφέρουμε. Πόσο μάλλον λοιπόν, να κατανοήσουμε τι είναι αυτό που θέλουμε να έχει ένα προϊόν και τι όχι. Ποια συστατικά πρέπει να αναζητάμε σε μία λίστα συστατικών και για ποιες ανάγκες της επιδερμίδας μας; Ας ρίξουμε λοιπόν λίγο περισσότερο φως σε αυτή τη λίστα! 1. Γλυκολικό Οξύ (Glycolic Acid) Πρόκειται για ένα πανίσχυρο απολεπιστικό συστατικό που προέρχεται από το ζαχαροκάλαμο (α – υδροξυοξύ) και έχει την ιδιότητα να απομακρύνει τα νεκρά κύτταρα από…

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Take care of your skin according to your age

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Take care of your skin according to your age As we age, our skin develops different needs. In every stage of our life we belong, the key point for our good appearance and complexion of confidence is the selection of right products that will offer a radiant and shining skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body that comes in direct contact with the external environment. Modern lifestyle, increased stress and environmental pollution significantly affect our skin which needs extra care and protection. It is well known that the skin undergoes changes as we grow older. This means that…

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Brown Spots

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Brown Spots How to avoid their appearance Hyperpigmentation is a very common skin disorder caused by increased production of melanin, a pigment that acts as a photoprotectant, absorbing UV radiation and converting it to heat. It appears as brown spots at face, hands, shoulders and arms. It is observed in both men and women but more frequently in women skin because of hormonal changes during their life. The reasons related to age spot appearance do not only have to do with sun exposure but are also genetic, hormonal and environmental. However, overexposure to sunlight can worsen the age spot appearance.…

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10 Sun Protection Tips

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10 Sun Protection Tips you schould know this summer The sun is vital. It provides us with light, warmth and well-being. However, sun exposure is also a major risk factor for skin health as UV rays can be really harmful causing many problems, from sunburn to skin cancer. This summer, use the following 10 tips to protect your skin with the best way and enjoy the sun safely. Avoid exposing to the sun from 11:00 am to 16:00 pm Apply the right amount of sunscreen (at least two tablespoons) 20 minutes before sun exposure so as to be absorbed. Refresh…

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Sun & Children

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Sun & Children Protecting the sensitive baby’s skin In the summer, children are exposed to the sun for many hours during the day, while playing and doing outdoor activities. Sun is essential for muscles, bones & teeth development, promoting vitamin D production. However, children’s skin is more vulnerable to sunlight than adults. As natural self-protection mechanisms are not yet reached maturity, especially in the first years of life, children’s skin is more sensitive and needs special protection during the summer. It is very important to educate your children about the health risks of overexposure to UV radiation. Here are some…

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After bite protection

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After bite protection Insects: How to be completely protected during the summer Insects (mosquitoes, midges, flies, spiders etc) not only cause allergies and insomnia but are also able to transmit dangerous diseases like malaria, encephalitis etc. Mosquitoes are the most common annoying insects during the summer. They prefer to become active from dusk until down but also during the day with sufficient cloud cover. Who are more vulnerable to mosquito bites?? Carbon dioxide is the primary source that mosquitoes search for food. Thus, people who emit large amounts of carbon dioxide are more preferable. Eating spicy foods, exercising and alcohol…

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Take care of your skin after sun exposure

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Take care of your skin after sun exposure Summer is present and our skin is exposed to harsh conditions like sunlight, wind, salt water etc. It is well known that the effective skin protection from sunlight is very important for our health, but what if we haven’t applied the right amount of sunscreen and we got sunburnt? The second key step in sun protection is the use of an after-sun skincare product. After a day at the beach, skin often becomes red & dehydrated and needs an extra dose of moisturizing to maintain the right hydration balance. Therefore, an after-…

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Protect yourself from Sun Explosure

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Protect yourself from Sun Explosure Sun is essential for life. It is scientifically approved that sun radiation is very helpful for our health, as it activates vitamin D production that regulates the calcium absorption. Sunlight also increases serotonin levels in our body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, contributor to the feeling of well- being and happiness. However, sun radiation is a significant risk factor for skin health, especially during the summer. Sun emits over a wide spectrum of wavelengths: visible light, infrared radiation that we feel as heat and ultraviolet radiation that we can’t see or feel. UV radiation is classified…

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