After bite protection

After bite protection

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After bite protection

Insects: How to be completely protected during the summer

after_bite_protectionInsects (mosquitoes, midges, flies, spiders etc) not only cause allergies and insomnia but are also able to transmit dangerous diseases like malaria, encephalitis etc.

Mosquitoes are the most common annoying insects during the summer. They prefer to become active from dusk until down but also during the day with sufficient cloud cover.

Who are more vulnerable to mosquito bites??

Carbon dioxide is the primary source that mosquitoes search for food. Thus, people who emit large amounts of carbon dioxide are more preferable. Eating spicy foods, exercising and alcohol consumption increase the production of carbon dioxide, boosting the metabolic rate.  Pregnant women produce greater amount of carbon dioxide that puts them at increased risk. Humidity, movement & heat also attract mosquitoes.

Protect yourself and your kids from annoying insects during the summer with FROIKA CINOLIN CREAM, a moisturizing protective cream with insect repellent action.

Don’t forget to keep always with you an after bite product for immediate relief of irritations caused from insects bites. FROIKA AFTER BITE GEL is a perfect solution for soothing skin after insect bites, stings or jelly fish contact.


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