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How to get rid of wrinkles on forehead?

Are you looking for ways to get rid of wrinkles on forehead?

Undoubtedly, the expressions that we do daily, create with the years wrinkles due to the fact that the elasticity of the skin and collagen decreases.

Also sun exposure, smoking, and diet play a very important role in how quickly you will see this wrinkles.

So there is a way to delay, but even to "erase" wrinkles on the forehead?

And yet there are.

Let's start from the basics. In order to erase wrinkles that have begun to be created and to avoid the creation of new, you have to change some habits in your daily life conducive to premature aging of the skin. What are these?

1.     Avoid as much as you can to the sun.

We have spoken many times about the damage caused by the sun on the skin and for the ability of ultraviolet radiation breaks down the collagen in a much more rapid pace than would happen with normal wear and tear of time.

Also the UV radiation causes oxidation and free radicals, which are essentially products of the non-normal cell function.

Multiple studies have shown that daily application of sunscreen with SPF 30 and above, you can significantly delay the aging of the skin and formation of wrinkles.

So don't forget your sunscreen before you step out of the house, in winter and summer.

2.     Check your daily stress

The stress of everyday life is something that is very difficult to avoid.

However, you can try to put under control the daily stress, by streamlining situations that create stress and dedicating time for your personal relaxation.

Try to get enough sleep every day (at least 8 hours), to write your thoughts in a diary, eating right, exercising and practicing the power of breath, especially during stressful situations.

3.     Stay hydrated/the

Dry skin is easier to create wrinkles which will be more evident in the points of self-expression. The wrinkles on the forehead is one of the first to make their appearance in every person, whether they are horizontal wrinkles (surprise) or perpendicular to the area of the μεσόφρυου (wrinkles of anger).

Try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. If you're working out or sunbathe, then the water intake should be increased accordingly.

Remember, that you are thirsty doesn't mean that you don't have a need for water intake.

If you find it hard to drink water, try adding slices of lemon, mint, mint or fruit.

4.     Make sure your diet

When we say that you are what you eat, then you definitely technically. On the basis of scientific research diet plays a very important role in how fast we grow older our skin.

The intake of vitamin C, and fatty acids, omega 3-6-9 , reduces the appearance of excessive dryness of the skin in women over 50. Also, a diet rich in ανεπεξέργαστους carbohydrates and saturated fats, it delays the signs of premature aging.

5.     Stop smoking.

If the risk of lung cancer and heart disease are not by themselves a number of reasons to stop smoking, then maybe it's premature aging of the skin.

Smoking with exposure to the sun is the dominant reasons for the creation of wrinkles. The chemicals in cigarette smoke reduces the production of collagen and the elasticity of the skin. These two in combination have resulted in the formation of wrinkles faster than in people who do not smoke, and use sunscreen on a daily basis.


Now, let's see what products and ingredients can reduce the wrinkles on the forehead and not only.

So apart from the very significant changes that we need to do in your daily life, there are cosmetics, and ingredients that can erase the wrinkles on the forehead.

1.     Products exfoliating with Glycolic acid, A-Hydroxy-acids and Lactic acid.

Creams and serums that contain these ingredients, have the ability to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin.

It is no coincidence that most of the chemical peelings contain glycolic acid and fruit acids.

These acids, if used daily, should be accompanied by a sunscreen after you cause to a degree a little sensitivity.

See the complete series the FROÏKA with Alpha-hydroxy fruit acids, which remove dead cells and stimulate the natural process of cell regeneration, revealing a fresh skin with a smooth texture, shine and healthy appearance.

2.     Products with retinol.

The retinol is a lighter form of its prescribed dose of vitamin A, is called tretinoin, and it is safe for use at home, without the guidance of a dermatologist.

The retinol is proven to be ideal for cellular regeneration of the skin and in addition supports the κολλαγονογέννεση.

As with fruit acids, the retinol I don't get along with the sun. For this reason, be very careful and use face sunscreen to avoid any light burns.

For best results, use products that contain retinol during the afternoon routine skincare you.

Find the face creams, and eye Retisome of FROÏKA, with retinol 0.1% that promise to erase the first signs of premature aging.

The retinol stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes, and in combination with hyaluronic acid provides intense and long-lasting hydration and soothing action.

3.     Primers

One way to prepare your skin before the application of foundation is the use of a primer.

The work they do is simple. Cover the small wrinkles on the forehead and resources and give you the feeling of more soft and smooth skin.

Of course, this method will not help you to get rid of the wrinkles, but to eliminate them transient.

In combination with the products that we mentioned, it will make your skin look smooth and soft.

4.     Botox

If the needles don't scare you, then you can try treatments such as botox, which is nothing else than the injectable substance of the toxin botulinum toxin, which has the ability to paralyze transient muscles to whom exuding the essence.

The lack of muscle contraction as a result of which don't have full control of the movement of the front and they can't create wrinkles due to contraction of the area.

The existing wrinkles are reduced dramatically, and avoid the creation of new ones.

Before you decide to spend money for such a treatment, you need to have in mind that as with all treatments, there are potential side effects.

So we would say it in your hand to deal with the wrinkles on the forehead and around the face.

Arguably the most important part of this course is to change unhealthy habits that not only we age our skin prematurely, but also the health of our progressive and cumulative.

Choose skincare products that fit your needs and is tested scientifically for its purity and effectiveness.

You what is your favorite skincare you? Share it with us.

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