Mild foaming cleanser for daily face and body hygiene.

Effectively removes impurities without causing dryness or irritation to the sensitive – intolerant skin.

Helps balance & soothe the sensitive skin from being reactive.

SKIN TYPES: Sensitive – Intolerant skin


    • Sensitive skin, allergic to fragrances, colorants and other cosmetic ingredients
    • Sensitive, Hypersensitive skin to environmental & weather changes
    • Sensitive, Hyperactive skin to hormonic changes ( pregnancy )
    • Sense of burning, sense of tension
    • Permanent dryness, Redness
    • Symptoms connected with Couperosis or Rosacea
    • Following cosmetic treatments (dermabrasion, peeling, scrub, laser therapy)
    • Cleanse without irritating the skin and the eye area
    • Sooth irritations and reduce erythema
    • Enhance the natural protective ability of the skin
    • Moisturize, smooth and protect sensitive and irritated skin
    • Do not disturb the epidermal hydrolipidic film
    • Have a pH similar to the pH of the epidermis
    • Have a light, non oily texture that is easily absorbed

Do not contain alcohol, irritants or dyes

Apply Sensitive Foaming Gel on wet skin with mild movements, until foam is created. Rinse off with plenty of water.

Recommended with:

    • Froika Sensitive Cream for face/neck depending on your skin type
    • Froika Sensitive Hydratant Milk for body
Calmosensine Bioactive Lipopeptide that exists naturally in the body and participates in the release of analgesic neurotransmitters. Regulates the defence reactions of sensitive skin against external or internal attacks
Ηyaluronic Medium and Large size molecule fractions penetrate the skin, offering high moisturization.Provides immediate and long lasting Hydration
Ceramides Phyto SqualeneDefends and protects the barrier function of the skin
Vitamin E Antioxidant Action
Bisabolol Panthenol  Restores calmness and reduces muscle contractions, responsible for expression wrinkles


Neuro-cosmetic action

In the service of skin care

Sensitive intolerant or reactive skin is easily irritated when coming into contact with surfaces/substances or by internal disturbances. Sensitivity is accompanied by a sense of burning, tension, discomfort, pruritus, redness and desquamation.

Sensitivity consequences:

    • The stratum corneum starts getting thinner
    • The process of cell reproduction is significantly delayed
    • Elastin and collagen break down, accelerating skin ageing
    • Skin pH changes, causing greater dryness
    • Vessel dilatation increases causing contamination, swelling and redness

Froika Sensitive Line with its innovative technology of bioactive neuropeptides restores skin’s lost balance and calmness and offers moisturization – emollient- antioxidant action, leaving a pleasant sense of freshness and comfort.

Its patented formulation, free of irritating ingredients, sooths – restores- protects the skin from being reactive.

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