Silicon Elastomer Sunscreen with SPF 50+

It is a Silicon Elastomer Gel that creates a rubbery-like, waterproof, Sun protective layer on the skin. It improves the appearance of old scars & prevents the creation of new, effectively acting with the following ways:

  • Disorganize the accumulation of collagen fibrils on the scar tissue
  • Block the pathway of bacteria and dirt to the scar area, but without blocking air to penetrate.
  • Scar Gel Sunscreen also increases the skin’s moisture while it provides very high sun protection in both UVA & UVB radiation

Enriched with innovative blend of silicones with elastomers, it provides stronger action in reducing hypertrophic scars compared with simple silicones due to improved elasticity (exerts more pressure). It also makes the scars less visible due to the soft focus effect of the elastomers. The combination of Vitamin C & E offers regenerative, antioxidant, whitening and anti-inflammatory action.

Finally, it has an excellent non-greasy cosmetic texture.

  • Scars due to any reason (surgical operations, accidents, burns, acne etc)
  • Hypertrophic scars, Keloids
  • Atrophic scars
  • Scar hyperpigmentation
  • Scars on face & body that it is difficult to apply silicon sheets
  • Reduce the volume and thickness of the scars and keloids while at the same time improve their appearance
  • Soften, smoothe, flatten and enhance skin elasticity of the scar
  • Reduce irritations and inflammations
  • Decrease redness and hyperpigmentation
  • Relieve the itching or burning sensation which can accompany scars

FROΪKA SCAR GEL application can begin right after the complete healing and never on open wounds. Use twice a day on clean and dry skin an hour before sun exposure. When you are outdoors for a long time, refresh it every 2 hours. Place a small quantity of gel on the tip of your finger and apply throughout the scar’s whole length. Massage for a few minutes, by exercising mild pressure on the skin, until it is completely absorbed.

Blend of silicones with elastomers Stronger action in reducing hypertrophic scars
Vitamin C Regenerative, antioxidant and whitening action
Hyaluronic acid Regenerative and hydrating action that helps significantly the normal restoration of damaged skin as well as affects on atrophic scars.
Vitamin E Antioxidant and soothing action
Avocado Oil Rich in phytosterols and unsaponifiable, that has a softening, smoothing, healing and anti-inflammatory action

Combination of organic sunscreen agents with a wide spectrum of photoprotection

Keloid and hypertrophic scars appear after injuries, surgical operations and
burns, but also as a secondary result of inflammations due to infections, acne
The creation of Keloid and hypertrophic scars is induced by:

  1. The abnormal growth and function of fibroblasts at the area of the scar, which produce twenty times the normal amount of collagen
  2. The abnormal inflammatory responses during the healing process. Sun exposure can darken the appearance of scars and keloids, which can make them more noticeable.

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