Day photoprotective cream UVA & UVB for all skin types

Hyaluronic Moist Cream Spf 20 is a day cream with photo protection against UV radiation (SPF 20, UVA & UVB).

It has a strong moisturizing action while at the same time reinforces tissue regeneration. It is suitable for all skin types and recommended to be applied in the morning before any exposure to the sun.

    • Intolerant Skin
    • All SkinTypes
    • UV Protection\r\n
        • Powerful – pluripotent hydration
        • Restore and maintain optimum moisture balance
        • Specialize in the protection of skin stem cells
        • Enhance the skin’s natural defense mechanisms
        • Provide strong protection against premature ageing and photo ageing
        • Powerful antioxidant and anti-toxic action against glycosylation reactions
        • Protect the skin from pollution, stress, smoking, hot and cold climate conditions
        • Remove signs of fatigue, fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness
        • Reinvigorate and rejuvenate the skin. Increase the skin’s density, cohesion and flexibility.
        • Restore the skin’s glow and color homogeneity
        • Soothing and anti-inflammatory properties

Apply Hyaluronic Moist Cream Spf 20 in the morning before any exposure to the sun.

Can be combined with Hyaluronic Moist Cream Light or Hyaluronic Moist Cream Rich for after outdoor activity depending on how often your skin fells dehydrated or tired. Apply cream evenly on the face and neck, around the eyes on clean and dry skin. For cleansing, use Hyaluronic Moist Water without rinsing.

Hyaluronic, Phytostem cells, Biosacharides, Bisabolol and Vitamin E.

In addition new photostable sunscreen filters (UVA/UVB)

Hyaluronic Acid + Plant Stem Cells

Stem cells are the most important of skin cells. They are the source of the skin’s continuous regeneration, defense and healing. Their reduced life span, premature ageing and decreased viability lead to the appearance of damaged skin and premature ageing.

Plant stem cells help maintain the viability and vitality of the skin’s stem cells. Thanks to their discharge mechanism they reinforce the skin’s defenses against all types of damage. They have powerful anti-oxidant and anti-toxic properties and act against glycosylation reactions. They boost cellular rejuvenation and viability. They protect against premature ageing. They protect the skin from damaging agents such as pollution, stress, smoking etc. They remove signs of fatigue and they restore the skin’s youthfulness and freshness.

Biomimetic Liquid Crystal Structure (LLC)

LLC creams have a structure similar to that of the skin (biocompatible with the skin) and for this reason they are suitable for intolerant, sensitive or reactive skin types. They include mild, herbal sugar emulsifiers. They provide extended dynamic hydration. They strengthen the skin barrier. They facilitate the transfer of active ingredients which are time released. They have an excellent cosmetic texture and after feel.

Prolonged moisturizing effect,barrier function, controlled release of actives and pleasant skin feel

Hyaluronic Moist daily moisturizing creams provide maximum hydration for an extended period (24 hours according to clinical evaluation), thanks to the following 7 mechanisms

    • Liquid Crystal Structure – next generation herbal sugar emulsifiers
    • Active transfer of water molecules – combination of two hyaluronic acid fractions of small and medium molecular weight
    • Activation of aquaporins – L-PCA and Opuntia ficus indica stem extract
    • Osmotic balance – Imperata cylindrical root extract & DMSP
    • Strengthening of the skin barrier – phytosterols & ceramidia & shea butter & nicotinamide
    • Activation of the epigenetic mechanism – bio-polysaccharide fucose
    • Activation of boosting mechanism – Plant stem cells

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