Skin Cleanser Superfatting

Mild Antiseptic Liquid Cleanser for Face, Body and Sensitive Intimate area.
Cleanses deep into pores and sterilizes the skin, without drying or disrupting the physiological hydrolopidic balance.
Removes dirt, sebum and body secretions while creating an acidic environment which is totally compatible with the skin’s natural pH that inhibits the growth of microorganisms or skin odor.
Contains a combination of two antimicrobial agents with anti-inflammatory action.
Recommended for use by adult, adolescence and children.
Hypoallergenic, clinically tested
Non-Alcaline pH 5-6,5, Soap & Paraben Free

SKIN TYPES: Face, Body, Intimate area, Oily Skin

    • Feminine Antiseptic hygiene of Intimate area during pregnancy, after childbirth and during menopause.
    • After Plastic Surgery, peeling, laser treatments cleaning and gentle sterilization during recovery phase.
    • Pediatric infantile dermatitis, chicken pox rash, children’s eczema, teenage acne
    • Dermatological irritations, inflammations, dermatitis and eczemas due to various causes (seborrheic, allergic).Cleansing and gentle sterilization of hands- feet – athletes feet.
    • Oily Skin – Acne
    • Antimicrobial action (i.e. hospital personnel use)
    • Face, body, arms and underarms, legs
    • Hyperhidrosis, ( excessive perspiration), unpleasant body odor,
    • Pruritus, itching
    • Fungal Infections

It has a broad spectrum activity against bacteria, fungi and viruses contributing to:

    • Maintenance of the skin’s microbial flora balance
    • Elimination of any skin pathogen agents
    • Minimization of potential penetration of micro organisms in the skin
    • Attack against irritations
    • Restoration of the skin’s cleanliness and its natural balance.
    • Protect skin to create a non alkaline layer
    • Do not cause dryness or irritation
    • Deep cleansing, acne prone – oily skin

Check well before use – External use only

On wet skin, apply a fair amount of Froipol with gentle movements until it becomes foamy. Leave the active foam on for a few minutes allowing it to act. Rinse with plenty of water.

Suitable for daily use, for all skin types including babies, teenagers and the elderly.

Defencines (antimicrobial peptides)

Combination of two antimicrobial agents that stimulate the body’s natural defense mechanisms against external microbial attacks

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Non-alcaline synthetic cleansing media
Bronopol Anti-bacteria action
Irgasan DP-300 Antiseptic action
Glycerine Monosterate Emollient, soothing action

Normal human skin is colonised by large numbers of microorganisms which consist the normal microbial flora of the skin. This microbial flora interacts with the human skin in sometimes beneficial and sometimes harmful ways. Between healthy skin and the derma flora is maintained a critical balance. The disturbance of this healthy balance caused by various factors (environmental, physiological, biochemical, mechanical or immunological) results in infections or damages to the skin

Defencines, antimicrobial peptides

The stratum corneum is the first protective barrier of the skin against external microbial attacks. The second layer of protection is the innate immune system through the release of substances which providing a rapid, first-line chemical barrier to inhibit microbial growth. These substances are called defencines or antimicrobial peptides.

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